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What is SSTC?

What is SSTC? When you buy or sell a property for the first time, you’ll be confronted by a lot of jargon. Industry-specific real estate terms can confuse and trip up inexperienced property investors. But, understanding these terms is crucial, and they aren’t too difficult to understand if you have the right guidance. One phrase …

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Abandoned houses in the UK

Abandoned Houses

Finding Abandoned Houses in The Uk If you’ve been searching for a derelict property to renovate but have not had any luck and have not managed to find a suitable property it may be worth considering widening your search to look for abandoned houses. Many of us have seen derelict and abandoned properties all over …

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Abandoned properties in the UK

Abandoned Property: How Long Before A Property Is Considered Abandoned?

Abandoned Property How Long Before A Property Is Considered Abandoned? Although many people dream of stumbling across the perfect abandoned property, the fact is almost all property and land in the UK belongs to someone. The Crown owns a vast amount of land and buildings as does the UK government. There are many instances where …

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