Derelict Rural Property for Sale In West Sussex

Derelict Rural Property for Sale In West Sussex
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Derelict Rural Property for Sale In West Sussex

Welcome to West Sussex, the beautiful county in the South East of England. With miles and miles of gorgeous countryside, a stunning coastline, and a significant amount of history, West Sussex is certainly one of the most attractive areas to visit in the UK.

It’s also the perfect place for you to purchase your own derelict home.

Picturesque locations like Chichester, Horsham and Crawley are all within easy reach of derelict properties in West Sussex.

You can buy a derelict cottage with land attached in North Bersted, only a short distance from Chichester city centre. If you’re looking for something that will require more restoration work (and has more outdoor space), then look at the two semi-detached cottages for sale in Pulborough, which sit on just under half an acre of land.

This article has analysed some of the best in West Sussex.

Finding Derelict Property for Sale In West Sussex

If you are looking for derelict property for sale in West Sussex, there are several resources that you can use to start your search. The internet provides a great place to begin your search. Many people find it challenging to locate these properties, but the internet can help make this task much more accessible.

You may want to search through the classifieds and local newspapers for information on derelict property sales in West Sussex. The classifieds are often filled with listings for vacant land and other properties that have gone into disrepair. These properties will be listed under “estate sales”, “abandoned properties”, or “for sale by owner”. You may find a listing close to where you live.

Residential property auctioneers such as Auction House and Right Move have been the go-to place for many aspiring owners. The companies always provide a list of abandoned and derelict properties in West Sussex that are listed for auction either by their owners or the local council. So, if your budget fits the bid range, you can try your luck.

Types Of Derelict Property for Sale in West Sussex

If you’re looking to buy a derelict property in West Sussex, everyone has an ideal option. This is a region with many different types of derelict houses and cottages. Here are some of the most common:

Derelict Detached House and Cottages

Credit: Simon Carey

The traditional detached house and cottage are usually found in a large town or city. It was once the primary type of house in the area but has become partially or entirely abandoned. Small, private gardens usually surround the detached house and cottage.

These were used for leisurely gardening work but now lie derelict due to neglect. A derelict detached house and cottage make an ideal home for a family, providing plenty of space and light throughout the year. Prices range from £12,000 – £80,000, depending on location and size.

Traditional Derelict Cottages

There’s nothing better than a traditional stone cottage or farmhouse for those who prefer a rural feel. They were built to provide shelter for farmworkers and their families during the harsh winter months. In recent years, they have been converted into homes for families or holidaymakers seeking a quieter lifestyle. Prices range from £10,000 – £25 000.

These cottages are typically made from brick or stone in a traditional style that can go back hundreds of years (some even as far back as the 16th century). Often built on hillsides or small valleys, they’re frequently surrounded by other small villages or towns where people live year-round.

Derelict Farms in West Sussex

Credit: Jeff Gogarty

These derelict farms in West Sussex are fabulous! They have so much history and are beautiful; You would never know they were once the centre of the community serving as a place for workers and their families to come together and share in fellowship.

Unfortunately, these buildings were abandoned when the farms went bankrupt. Now there is an exciting trend growing around them. These farms can be renovated into homes for people who want to live off the grid in an environment more connected to nature and community.

People who live here can grow their vegetables, raise chickens for eggs, purchase local meat from nearby farmers’ markets, and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about pollution caused by cars or industrial equipment. This is a fantastic idea because it provides housing for those who need it while preserving these incredible buildings from ruin! The prices for these farms vary between £625 000 to £2 million.

Empty Land in West Sussex

Empty land in West Sussex has been identified as an opportunity to create new homes. A large parcel of land located in the heart of West Sussex is empty, and it’s up for grabs.

Empty land in West Sussex is ideal for buying a plot of land; you can have it for as little as £85 per square foot! Here at the West Sussex County planning office, we will help you every step of the way with your new home. We will give you the best advice on using your new land and what you can do with it. The land is perfect for building houses, schools and even sports facilities; there are some great locations where you can build a house overlooking the sea or even on top of a hill.

Derelict Property in West Sussex FAQs

What is the best way to search for derelict property in West Sussex?

The best way of finding derelict properties is by talking to the local council and asking them if they have a list of empty buildings. You can then start hunting for the owners of these buildings and make an offer. You should also try searching online. Many websites list empty properties. Make sure you do your research before buying a derelict property.

Do government participate in schemes for flipping empty properties?

Yes, there are several incentives and schemes across the UK to bring empty homes back into use. Some councils may even offer financial rewards for those who make improvements to an empty house, provide affordable housing or get a long-term vacant property back into use. Council provides an Empty Homes Grant Scheme that provides funding to help people purchase an empty home and renovate it. You can also find government schemes to help support people with empty homes here.

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