Derelict Rural Property for Sale Dumfries and Galloway

Derelict Rural Property for Sale Dumfries and Galloway
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Derelict Rural Property for Sale Dumfries and Galloway

What do you think of when you think about Dumfries and Galloway? Many people would think about the lush green hills that blanket this lovely Scottish County. Others might think about the famous Roman Walls or even the scenic coastline.

But there are derelict properties in rural places in Dumfries and Galloway? You may never have thought of property which could serve as a great location for shooting a movie, a scene in a TV series or even be used as an awesome haunted house. But guess what, there is a derelict rural property, and you could be the proud new owner of one of these exciting properties.

These properties offer investors and homeowners a chance to turn what looks like a damaged and abandoned house or farmhouse into beautiful houses that can be flipped in the real estate market. Here’s a list of some derelict properties in Dumfries and Galloway.

Finding Derelict Property for Sale in Dumfries and Galloway

If you’re looking to buy a derelict property for sale in Dumfries and Galloway, there are things you should know before you rush into signing a purchase contract. Derelict properties for sale can be purchased in some very rural locations, which might not be easily accessible by public transportation channels.

Derelict properties in Dumfries and Galloway vary depending on the type of property and the locations. For example, around Newton Stewart, prices of derelict properties range between £85,000 to £260,000. However, the properties can go as much as £625,000.

Some of the derelict properties are managed by the local councils in the different districts to use for community centres or mental facilities. However, you can find derelict properties on other online listings and directories made public by the local district councils.

The most common way of finding listings is by checking on auctioneer sites such as Trovit and Zoopla. These companies publish abandoned and empty property lists and set auction days for interested buyers to bid. Also, a Scottish auction site here.

Types of Derelict Property for Sale in Dumfries and Galloway

There are various types of derelict property available in various structural and exterior repair states. You will want to sort through them when looking at your prospects to make the right decision regarding how much you should invest and how much you expect to recoup.

There are different properties such as detached houses, empty farms, barns, cottages, and farm housing. All these properties vary depending on the nature, and some are suitable for flipping while others are suitable for setting up a home. When choosing the type of property t purchase, you should work with a real estate agent who’ll advise you on what to buy.

Here’s a detailed explanation of those kinds of properties:

Abandoned Houses In Dumfries and Galloway

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Abandoned houses are more uncommon in Scotland’s more densely populated areas, but the Dumfries and Galloway region have many examples of abandoned properties. Whether you are interested in the history or architecture of abandoned properties or want to capture a piece of forgotten history and explore why they were abandoned, there are plenty in this part of Scotland.

Regions such as Lanarkshire and Robroyston have several of these detached houses. These houses present amazing development opportunities for developers who want to flip houses and owners who want a rural setting.

You also get to live in one of the most scenic views, such as the Solway Firth, Cumbrian Lake District, and Mountains of Skiddaw. A four-bedroom detached house in such areas can cost about £260,000.

Traditional Cottages in Dumfries And Galloway

Merrick Mountain is one of the most iconic areas featuring traditional derelict properties in Galloway. These cottages give you access to scenic views, such as Galloway Forest Park, the ultimate set of any rural home.

These cottages come in different sizes, like 3-bedroom cottages with one bathroom, two bedrooms, and four bedrooms with three bathrooms and a garden.

The cottages range in price depending on the locations and the size. They can be as low as £80,000 or as high as £375,000.

Derelict Farms in Dumfries And Galloway

There are many farms in Dumfries and Galloway to choose from. The farms are spacious and beautiful, but they’re also derelict. The farms range from over 1,000 acres down to less than 100, so there’s something for everyone. The small farms are perfect for a hobby farmer looking to grow organic produce or maintain a few chickens.

The farms also come with buildings such as barns, cottages, and old houses. However, this means that you can pay more when purchasing these farms. You should also ensure that the land has planning permission from the local council before developing any land.

The derelict farms’ prices range from £400,000 to £2 million depending on the size and the buildings sitting on them.

Empty Farms In Dumfries And Galloway

Credit: MJ Richardson

The UK has many empty properties that have been vacant for many years. Some of them have been vacant for more than twenty years. Scotland, in particular, has a large number of these vacant properties, and they are being sold at reasonable prices.

Dumfries and Galloway have plenty of options to consider, from small properties with just a few acres to large farmhouses with hundreds of acres. Unlike other abandoned properties, these empty lands give you opportunities to develop houses, cottages, properties, or even farms.

You should check with the local council to see if you can get the land as a freehold or leasehold and understand all regulations with the two holdings.

Derelict Property in Dumfries And Galloway FAQ

Are there any government schemes to help in purchasing derelict properties?

Since empty and derelict properties are a nuisance to the Scottish government seeking affordable housing, there has been a partnership with empty property officers. This partnership will be in the initial two years and will work across different home areas to tackle empty homes issues.

The council also works to increase the tax levies on unoccupied lands and discourage discounts on those lands from discouraging landlords from leaving them empty.

Where can I check Derelict properties in Dumfries And Galloway?

The best places to check derelict properties is the through residential property auctioneers such as Auction House Scotland. They have a list of all derelict properties that will e auctioned and the specific dates of auction.

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