Abandoned Houses For Sale In West Lothian

Abandoned Houses For Sale In West Lothian
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Abandoned Houses For Sale In West Lothian

West Lothian is the perfect location for those who want to own rural property but without sacrificing the convenience of a city centre. Most locations in the region are under an hour out of Edinburgh at the most, meaning you’re about as far from Waverly as most Londoners are from Westminster.

In addition to getting a bargain, buying an empty home in West Lothian will put you in the middle of castles and beautiful countryside walks. There’s even a seaside if you buy a property near the Firth of Forth.

Finding Abandoned Houses For Sale In West Lothian

A property is classified as abandoned if it remains without use for a period of six months. The council in West Lothian will do everything possible to fix the problem with the cooperation of the property owner.

Effective April 1, 2018, West Lothian doubled the council tax obligations of owners of empty properties in a bid to encourage them to sell. This is massively driving down prices. Despite the measures, there are still a lot of abandoned properties in West Lothian.

If you contact the registrar of the West Lothian Council Area, they will be able to give you detailed information on derelict or abandoned houses in the area. This assistance is offered freely in an attempt to bring vacant properties back to use.

Ever since 2020, it has been possible to get a list of all vacant houses in West Lothian on the council’s website. There is also a public edict from 2019 that details the location map of all derelict land in West Lothian. Many of the listed properties are still on the market.

Abandoned Houses For Sale In West Lothian

Credit: Kevin Rae

There are loads of abandoned houses that cut across several categories in West Lothian. If you look through local auction sites and the council resources, you’ll find no shortage of excellent but neglected homes and farms. The council is eager to fill these homes.

There are homes in West Lothian for every budget. Locate a credible estate agent that will help you seal the deal when you have located a property in which you are interested.

Abandoned Cottages And Houses For Sale In West Lothian

West Lothian is a perfect place to buy a beautiful cottage. It has a ton of rural charm, as well as excellent local attractions like castles and quaint villages. You’ll be within striking distance of the Pentland Hills if you’re the adventurous type.

Traditional derelict cottages for sale in West Lothian

A rural region, West Lothian is replete with beautiful cottages the owners of which have sadly abandoned. If you’re interested in living the quiet country life without having to give up your proximity to civilization, this region is perfect.

Many of the region’s cottages are located amongst West Lothian’s many small villages, such as Kingscavil and Threemiletown. If you’re interested in a compromise between rural life and the amenities of a larger town, then Boness and Linlithgow are great options. The former has many seaside properties and the latter is well connected by rail to Edinburgh.

Abandoned Property in West Lothian FAQ

Q: Where should I search for derelict property in West Lothian?

A: The best place to start is West Lothian Council’s map of empty properties. This map has been in existence since April 21, 2017. You will get more details on each of the properties through the register attached to the map. Alternatively, you can contact local auction houses that list empty properties.

Derelict Farms in West Lothian

There is the case of this farmhouse that was gutted by fire between 2018 and 2019. The owners of the property abandoned it due to financial difficulties. You can view pictures of the property through this link: https://imgur.com/gallery/LI9rnxM.  This is one example of several such properties that are scattered around West Lothian.

The local council is desperate to bring such buildings back to life. There are windows of opportunity for willing buyers of derelict farms in West Lothian.

Empty land in West Lothian

Credit: MJ Richardson

There are many empty lands that are in need of attention. For those that are interested in developing any of the several empty lands in West Lothian, the local council is often receptive to efforts at development.

If you show evidence that you have the capacity to put the empty land into immediate use, your application will get a speedy passage through the council.

The empty land in West Lothian falls into various categories, from industrial to commercial and domestic purposes. For example, there is a 5.2 acres plot of land located in Whitburn, West Lothian, with a price tag of £100,000. Others like it are scattered around West Lothian.

The West Lothian council often provides different types of funding and support. You can find their latest information here.

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