Barn Conversions For Sale In The UK

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Can You Get A Mortgage To Buy A Derelict Property?

Can You Get A Mortgage To Buy A Derelict Property? Obtaining a mortgage to buy a derelict property is one form of finance that is available but is not an easy option. Many banks and finance houses will decline to lend especially if the property is considered to be uninhabitable. You may be required to … Read more

How To Find Out Who Owns A Derelict Property

How To Find Out Who Owns A Derelict Property Most derelict properties in the UK are registered with the Land Registry. If you are intending to buy a derelict or abandoned property and have been unable to find out about who owns the derelict property you are interested in, this article can help you with … Read more

How Long Does Planning Permission Last?

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Abandoned Property: How Long Before A Property Is Considered Abandoned?

Abandoned Property How Long Before A Property Is Considered Abandoned? Although many people dream of stumbling across the perfect abandoned property, the fact is almost all property and land in the UK belongs to someone. The Crown owns a vast amount of land and buildings as does the UK government. There are many instances where … Read more

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How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Derelict Building?

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Is Buying A Derelict Property A Good Investment?

Is buying a derelict property a good idea? Investing money in derelict property Buying property has usually been considered to be a good investment as house prices generally rise eventually. You may have seen articles or programmes about buyers doubling or tripling their money by purchasing properties in poor condition and selling them on. However, … Read more

Can I Claim Derelict Land?

Can I Claim Derelict Land in the UK? Find out if it’s possible to claim derelict, abandoned or unused land The practice of claiming property that is vacant and derelict is known as squatting and until the last few years it was a matter for the civil courts and not subject to criminal laws. In … Read more

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Renovating A Derelict Property

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House Insurance When Unoccupied

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Barn For Conversion – Buying and Renovating

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How To Protect Your Empty Property

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Country Property

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Claiming A Derelict Property

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